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It's Wise To Choose A Premium Dental Crown

Dental crowns are permanent artificial 'caps' that cover teeth to protect, restore or improve their strength, shape, size, and appearance. They are usually placed over and bonded to an existing tooth with dental cement and last for approximately 10 years. Dental crowns may be required on just one tooth or several teeth and usually require several appointments.

Reasons a crown may be necessary include:

  • Protecting a weak or cracked tooth from breaking
  • Restoring a worn down or broken tooth
  • Supporting a weakened tooth with a particularly large filling
  • Holding dentures or dental bridge in place
  • Covering discoloured or misshapen teeth and other cosmetic purposes
  • Covering dental implants
  • Saving decayed teeth in young children
  • Guarding against risk of decay for children prone to cavities.

Overview of procedure:

  • Local anesthetic to numb the tooth
  • Filling or “buildup” of a tooth if required for the crown to be secured to
  • Shaving down of tooth to appropriate size
  • Impression of the tooth is taken for the crown to be made from
  • Placement of temporary crown with temporary dental cement
  • Return visit where temporary crown is removed and permanent crown fitted.

A Premium Dental Crown means the following benefits for you:

  • Quality – we only use top quality products so you’ll have peace of mind that your crown is made of the highest grade material
  • Locally made – we source crowns made locally in Adelaide so we know exactly where they come from and material quality
  • Reasonably priced – because the crowns we use are locally made we can pass the cost savings onto you
  • Guaranteed – we have a 12 month warranty on all crowns in the unlikely event they need replacing.