Premium Dental Fillings: Minimal Fuss With Maximum Benefit

Even with the greatest of care, for most people fillings are a part of life. "Holes" or cavities and caries develop in places toothbrushes can't reach, in between teeth and below the gum line, and sometimes only show up in an X-ray. Some people are more prone to them, regardless of diet, general health, or how well they clean their teeth.

Advances in technology, materials and pain management have had a significant impact on how fillings are used and placed in the tooth. At Premium Dental, our procedure is straightforward and means fillings are done quickly, smoothly and with little fuss so that every patient, from the youngest child to our elderly patients, experiences minimal discomfort. Whether it is a first filling or one of many, patient comfort and satisfaction is paramount.

Overview of what having a filling entails at Premium Dental:

  • Thorough explanation – before a filling is done, we explain why it is necessary and what the procedure involves
  • Colour matching – we have 20 different shades of fillings to suit all types of colouring and we select the colour that most closely matches your teeth
  • Local anesthetic – the patient is given a local anesthetic to minimise discomfort before the treatment commences
  • Ensure patient is numb – we take our time to check the area is fully numb and the patient is ready, keeping the experience pain free
  • Filling procedure – we work quickly and monitor the patient's comfort throughout the procedure
  • Final check – we confirm with the patient that they are still comfortable and advise how long before the anesthetic wears off.

We bet in no time, you'll barely remember which tooth required a filling!