How We Work

What Differentiates Premium Dental?
We Genuinely Care About Every Patient.

We are passionate about quality oral health and strive to deliver outstanding dental care for every type of patient. Good dental health is critical for every individual's wellbeing so we take our job very seriously. This relates to the monitoring, maintenance and remedy of a variety of dental conditions, both anatomical and cosmetic. Our success is demonstrated by, having long-term patients, being able to cater to every member of the family, and treating each patient with personalised care.

What makes us different?

  • We care about dental health–other dentists see their practice primarily as a business venture, and patients as a means to generating income,but we value the health and wellbeing of our clients first and foremost
  • We respect our clients– at Premium Dental we see those who visit us as individuals who choose to trust us in providing the very best care
  • Personal approach– we prefer to offer treatment solutions that best meet the needs of each person rather than “a one size fits all” approach to dentistry
  • Reasonable pricing– we focus on the most affordable option to achieve the best result.

How this is reflected in our approach

  • Listen to our patients – we get to know you, with a thorough understanding of your dental history, medical history and financial situation
  • Accessible financial options – if a patient is in need of treatment but can’t afford it, we’ll investigate health insurance rebates, payment plans and alternative treatment options
  • Focus on solving patient needs – our philosophy is that honesty and integritywill mean greater patient satisfaction and long-term care rather than selling procedures to patients
  • Seeing patients as individuals– when you visit Premium Dentist you are important to us;we’ll remember who you are, your name, and yourhistory
  • A friendly, relaxed environment – modern dentistry is very different to the past, which typically tended to be serious, clinical, and somewhat scary! We foster an inviting, relaxed atmosphere, happy to chat with our patients and make everyone feel at ease.
  • Patient care is the priority – always, in everything we do.


A step-by-step overview of how we work:

Step 1: Initial contact

  • Patients contact Premium Dental by phone or email
  • We have multilingual services including French, Korean, Chinese and Cantonese
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Step 2: Appointment scheduling

  • Our friendly, professional staff will make sure they understand what the issue is and any particular concerns the patient may have
  • Clarification of previous history eg if an ongoing issue, if X-rays have been taken (which the patient will be reminded to bring along), health insurance details
  • Make an appointment at the earliest available time that's suitable for you
  • We're conveniently located in the Adelaide CBD, just off Rundle Mall
  • We are open on Saturdays to suit weekday workers

Step 3: New patient questionnaire

  • For those new to our practice, it's important to get a complete dental and medical history
  • We ask more than the average dentist to give us a complete picture of your health and financial position so we can best meet your needs.For instance, public medical billing may be appropriate for some patients

Step 4: Meet our Dentist

  • Meet with one of our Dentists
  • Our preferred style is to put you at ease by having a relaxed discussion about why you are visiting and your main concerns

Step 5: Dental exam and diagnosis

  • A thorough exam is conducted including teeth, tongue, palate, jaw and gums to obtain the full picture of your dental or oral health
  • We discuss any diagnosis fully, in clear terms
  • We'll then go through a preferred dental treatment plan includingthe likely timeframe and costing options
  • We also provide a breakdown and explanation of costs in total and per visit and benefits of each option
  • You have the opportunity at time of consultation, and at any later stage, to ask any questions
  • A treatment plan is agreed and appointments scheduled if required
  • If your treatment is beyond our level of expertise, we can refer you to specialists such as oral surgeons, orthodontists, and pediatric dentists.

At Premium Dental transparency is key: upfront, honest, no hidden costs.