Our Technology

Modern dental chair

Our Midmark chair is one of the latest dental chair units on the market and has the latest in dental equipment that provides for patient and comfort during appointments. Our chairs are adjustable to fit all shapes and sizes, and we have ample space in our dental room to accommodate for people who require wheelchair access.

Intraoral camera

The use of intraoral cameras is available for all patients and can assist in the examination of your teeth. The camera has a fibre-optic light source that transmit images from your mouth straight to the computer screen for your viewing requirements. With this technology, we can have a better look and can compare teeth and gums before and after treatment for your convenience.


Penthrox™ has been used in Australia for a long time and is a revolutionary product for the dental industry in the providing immediate pain relief.  Shaped like a whistle the Penthrox™ inhaler is similar to happy gas but is much more effective. This product is available for use so please ask our dentist if you need it.

Digital x-ray

Our practice has digital x-rays available which gives us the ability to see your image on the computer screen within 3 seconds of exposure to the x-ray sensor. In addition to that, the amount of radiation your mouth is exposed to is approximately 1/10th of the radiation of the normal exposure with the manual films and you don’t have to wait for them to be developed! This makes the x-ray extremely safe.

Voco and GC products

Our dental practice only uses the finest materials from international companies in all our dental procedures to ensure you get the best treatment possible. Voco is a world-renowned dental materials specialist based in Germany, and has years of proven success with materials that are designed to last for periods longer than other brands. GC is an innovator in the dental materials industry, providing products that are improving the quality and reliability of dental materials in the mouth.