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Routine Checkup Scale And Clean

The Key To Having Strong Healthy Teeth Is Regular Check Ups. It's That Simple.

The best way to ensure your teeth stay strong and healthy is to book in routine checkups, scaling and cleaning with the dentist who knows your history. This will assist in keeping your teeth at their best, monitoring growth and movement, picking up dental cavities and tooth decay to prevent gum disease, and providing peace of mind about your gum, jaw, and general mouth health.

A regular visit to your dentist can also prevent problems from developing and address any little issues that may arise before they become bigger issues. At the same time, a proper descaling and clean will mean brighter, whiter teeth that feel great!

The Premium Dental Checkup, Scale and Clean includes:

  • Comprehensive oral health examination – your teeth, tongue, jaw, and palate will be carefully examined to assess your overall oral health, and note any changes since your last visit
  • X-rays of each side of the mouth – we monitor not only what we can see and touch in your mouth, but also what is only visible by X-ray, following rigorous safety procedures when X-raying
  • Ultrasonic scale – we carefully clean and descale tartar and plaque build-up in between each tooth and gum
  • Expert attention – using specialist tools we pay particular attention to the places you can't reach with a tooth brush
  • Thoroughness is key – we take the time to make sure every tooth is thoroughly checked and cleaned
  • Fluoride teeth polish – we finish the cleaning with a boost of fluoride polish to promote ongoing health of your teeth
  • Oral hygiene instructions – we complete your checkup by reviewing your approach to teeth cleaning, guiding you where needed and recommending suitable toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss and general tips where appropriate.

Don't put it off any longer! Call us to book in for a routine check and clean.

Regular checkups are critical for maintaining the good health of your teeth and gums. Your teeth will thank you for it.