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Premium Dental

Level 9 / 195 North Tce
Adelaide SA 5000

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What We Do

Our Business Is All About Caring For Teeth

Being dental experts, it's our job to know everything there is to know about caring for teeth – and mouths, gums, palates, tongues and smiles. We focus not only on the condition, function and health of the teeth and mouth, but also the appearance of your smile.

We cover everything associated with general dentistry: routine checks, cleaning, scaling, fillings, dentures, bridges, teeth extraction (including wisdom teeth), and dentures as well as more complex procedures including diagnosing the cause of toothache or root canal therapy. We also specialise in cosmetic procedures such as dental veneers, crowns, teeth whitening, restoration, replacing missing teeth and straightening misaligned or crooked teeth. And if you require specialist attention beyond our expertise, we'll refer you to the most appropriate practitioner.

Here are just some of the services we offer at Premium Dental:

Routine checkup, scale and clean

We aim to make regular checkups to your dentist part of your routine by making your 6-monthly check and clean simple, affordable and as pleasant as possible. Find out why we place such importance on routine checks.


Having a filling at any age need not be a drama. We have perfected the art of implementing a smooth, comfortable procedure when it comes to fixing cavities and tooth decay. Here's how we do it.


If you have teeth that are damaged, weak or need some improvement in appearance, you may consider having a 'cap' or crown. Find out about Premium Dental crowns.


Over time you may discover your teeth become discoloured. They can be easily fixed with a variety of techniques including whitening and bleaching. You may also be suited to having veneers. Read about what dental veneers can do for your appearance.

Root Canal Therapy

When it comes to your teeth, you need to know you can trust the expertise and experience of your dentist. This is particularly true when you experience tooth pain, which may indicate something potentially serious. We take the greatest of care with all our patients, and if you do require a more complex treatment, you'll be rest assured we will take care of you and have you feeling better in no time.Read about Root Canal Therapy.

Whatever you need Premium Dental provides excellent care and personal attention.